The Tracking Fob: Recapping ‘The Madalorian’ Season 2 Chapter 9

Bounty hunters wouldn’t get very far without a tracking fob. We may not know exactly how they work, but we do know that they’re the best way to pinpoint a target. For Big Flick Energy, our target is every new chapter of Disney’s The Mandalorian. Follow along with us each week as we break down every new episode of season two with The Tracking Fob.

Is Baby Yoda Still Cute?


Cutest Baby Yoda Moment

There are three stand out moments of cuteness in this season’s premiere episode. The first being in the opening scene where Mando & Baby Yoda are visiting Gor Koresh and his goons. They all have their guns turned on Mando in an act of betrayal. Mando gets ready to take the group out and in order to avoid all of the excitement, Baby Yoda makes sure to get some cover:


The second comes at Mos Pelgo after the Krayt Dragon comes through town and has a bantha for lunch. Its visit causes tremors throughout the town which spooked Baby Yoda a little bit:


As adorable as those two moments were, they can’t top the sheer joy on Baby Yoda’s face riding along with Mando in his speeder, our winner for this week’s cutest Baby Yoda moment. I’ll just leave this here:


Mando’s Parenting Report Card

This is a rough parenting episode all around for Mando. We start off by Mando walking Baby Yoda through dangerous streets on their way to an illegal fighting ring before Mando gets into a fight with Gor Koresh’s crew.

Then on Mos Espa, our friend Peli Motto offers to babysit, but Mando says, “He stays with me.” Mando quickly proceeds to stuff Baby Yoda into a bag attached to his speeder and takes off for Mos Pelgo. No protection for Baby Yoda in this speeder whatsoever. Not even a carseat or a safety-belt.

Upon his arrival, Mando doesn’t take Baby Yoda into the bar, which you might think is pretty good parenting. Babies don’t belong in bars. This is before you realize that he just leaves him out in the middle of the road on his speeder in a town he’s never been to before!

He takes Baby Yoda everywhere with him, including to the Tuskan Raider camp and on the mission to kill a giant krayt dragon. Mando almost makes an orphan out of Baby Yoda when he lets the krayt dragon eat him in order to kill it from the inside. How could he take a risk like that?

Mando gets a D+ in parenting here by default because Baby Yoda is still alive but it’s not saying much. He narrowly avoids an F.

Were There Any Disintegrations?

No disintegrations!

This Is the Way?

The Mandalorians are all guided by a sacred code and they often declare “This is the way” when following said code. As a Mandalorian, Baby Yoda is considered Mando’s foundling and must either take Baby Yoda in as his own or find Baby Yoda’s people. Mando decided at the end of season one that the best thing for Baby Yoda would be to find his home.

What’s curious is how Mando goes about starting his search. Why is Mando looking for other Mandalorians? How is that going to help find Baby Yoda’s people when they seemingly have nothing to do with Baby Yoda? Wasn’t Mando just with an entire covert group of Mandalorians? Why didn’t the Armorer tell him where all these Mandalorians went if his next step was going to be to find them?

It’s a bit confusing, but Mando is told by the Armorer that Baby Yoda’s people are Jedi. Mandalorians have a history of being the go-to for when someone needs a Jedi taken care of. Maybe if Mando finds one of his people, they can lead him to the Jedi’s whereabouts.

It will be interesting to see how large a group is remaining considering in the original trilogy, Obi-Wan, Luke and Old Yoda appeared to be the only Jedi remaining. But with Luke’s success in taking down the empire, wouldn’t he be pretty well known across the galaxy? While the logic in Mando’s search for other Mandalorians is a bit muddled, the prospect of meeting his people and other Jedi is still pretty exciting.

Like a Beskar Cowboy

It’s hard not to appreciate all of the nods to western film and television in this episode. This was not the first time the genre has been showcased by The Mandalorian, but this was definitely the heaviest it’s ever leaned into it.

It starts with Mando riding into Mos Pelgo on his “steel horse”, a speeder, with the town citizens looking on from their homes. It’s a small, run-down mining town that meets every western trope you could ask for from a Star Wars property.

Mando parks his speeder and enters the local watering hole where he finds a bar-keep and nobody else. He tells the bar owner that he’s heard another Mandalorian lives in these here parts and then in struts Cobb Vanth, the town marshall. What’s really great about Vanth’s entrance isn’t just the fact that he’s wearing Boba Fett’s gear, it’s that each step he takes makes the sound of spurs rattling. It’s an excellent nod to cowboys everywhere. Plus, if you’re going to get an actor to play a cowboy, it might as well be Timothy Olyphant, who’s got these roles mastered after his previous experience in Deadwood and Justified.

Vanth orders a jug of spotchka and two shot glasses to share with Mando, Mando demands that Vanth hands over the Mandalorian armor and the two get in a stand off where they stare at each other while their hands hover over their guns ready to draw them. Beat by beat, everything in this scene screamed western and it was glorious.

“It’s over Anakin! I have the high ground!” Award

Aside from becoming Darth Vader and his extreme distaste for sand, Anakin Skywalker is probably best known for his arrogance. He thought he was skilled enough to leap over Obi Wan Kenobi and strike him down, but as Obi Wan warned him, he didn’t have the high ground.

This section of our recap is reserved for the most arrogant character from the episode who didn’t quite have the high ground.

This time around that character is clearly Gor Koresh. Mando tried to negotiate with him for the whereabouts of a Mandalorian and offered to pay him for the information. All Gor Koresh had to do was provide the location and he would’ve been paid handsomely. Instead, he tried to betray Mando to steal Baby Yoda and ends up getting all of his friends killed, giving up the information without any reward, tied to a lamp post by his feet and presumably eaten by stray alien animals with red-glowing eyes. Metaphorically speaking, the dude tried to somersault over Mando’s head and got his legs chopped off.

Biggest Surprise

We get the big Boba Fett reveal at the end of the episode, but did anyone actually not see that coming? We knew it would happen at some point this season, maybe not so soon. For me, I was instead most shocked at how gross this episode was.

Seeing the krayt dragon puke acid as a way to kill Tuskan Raiders completely took me by surprise. And the worm-monster doesn’t just use this move once, it does it a second time! So gross.


Then after the krayt dragon blows up, you see its entire insides as Tuskan Raiders dig through the meat to find its pearl. Ewwy. I just needed an excuse to talk to somebody about this because it really threw me off guard. Anyways, speaking of Tuskan Raiders…

Chewie Medal of Honor

In Star Wars: A New Hope, Chewbacca is infamously not given a gold medal at the end of the movie alongside Luke, Leia and Han, even though he did just as much as the other three. We’re not making the same mistake here at Big Flick Energy. So each week we’ll be giving out the Chewie Medal of Honor to the unsung hero of the episode. This week’s award goes to the Tuskan Raiders.

Sure, they raid and pillage local towns and villages, including Mos Pelgo. Raiders gonna raid, am I right? But this episode gave the sand people some real depth and showed that they’re more than what they seem. They can be reasoned with, they abide by their own ethical code and they always keep their word.

These are some extremely admirable traits for an entire group that’s been written off as savages since the original Star Wars. They also prove to be essential in defeating the krayt dragon and saving Mos Pelgo. Without the Tuskan Raiders, there’s not enough man-power to overtake the beast. Not to mention that they put their own necks on the line more than the town citizens. More Raiders are killed by the krayt dragon than anyone.

Much like Chewbacca, they don’t ask for any credit or recognition, but they were still able to get much more than that. In the end, the Tuskan Raiders are able to exchange peace with Mos Pelgo and essentially make the town indebted to them, they get rid of a krayt dragon that was just as detrimental to them as it was the town and they get to keep the krayt dragon pearl which I’d assume is very hard to come by and very valuable. And now they receive the first ever Chewie Medal of Honor.