The Tracking Fob: Recapping ‘The Madalorian’ Season 2 Chapter 10

Bounty hunters wouldn’t get very far without a tracking fob. We may not know how they work, but we do know that they’re the best way to pinpoint a target. At Big Flick Energy, our target is every new chapter of Disney’s The Mandalorian. Follow along with us each week as we break down every new episode of season 2.

Is Baby Yoda Still Cute?

Yes, obviously.

Cutest Baby Yoda Moment

I can’t in good consciousness say the cutest moment any time Babby Yoda eats a frog egg…




In almost any scenario, a Baby Yoda burp after eating would be the most adorable event to happen this century. But after actions that would technically qualify Baby Yoda a frog-baby serial killer, it doesn’t quite hold the same weight.

I’m going with Baby Yoda running into the arms of Mando, which would be deserving regardless of the previous contenders’ circumstances. If you’re a parent, there must be a feeling when your child sees you come through the door from a long day at work, and they just run into your arms. Now imagine if it was Baby Yoda. Not to say Baby Yoda is better than your child, but…come on.


Grading Mando’s Parenting Skills

Papa Mando does not come out looking good in this episode. Maybe manage your child’s diet a little more? Is Baby Yoda so hungry all the time because Mando isn’t feeding him enough?

Baby Yoda is also, you know, a baby. But somehow it’s always left alone to do whatever it wants and eat frog eggs or it wanders off unnoticed to go eat some ice-spider eggs. Mando should’t be taking his eye off of Baby Yoda who, cute as they are, is quite mischievous.

The only good thing Mando does as a parent this week was reprimanding Baby Yoda multiple times for murdering unborn frog babies. (The pro-life community must hate Baby Yoda). Of course, this essentially does nothing because by the end of our episode, Baby Yoda has a frog egg in his robe that he secretly pulls out and eats. We’re at almost double digit frog baby murders for Baby Yoda all on Mando’s watch.

I’ll give Mando another D+ this week. He does take a step in the right direction by reprimanding Baby Yoda and Baby Yoda is somehow still alive, but the frog egg massacre is too much to ignore. Maybe feed your baby every once in a while.

Were There Any Disintegrations?

No disintegrations!

This Is the Way?

I’m still struggling with the logic of Mando’s plan to find other Mandalorians in order to find the Jedi.

One thing I thought of this week that I didn’t last week was that this all takes place after the Empire was defeated in Return of the Jedi. Luke Skywalker, the person responsible for the Empire’s demise, is probably the most well known person in the galaxy right now and he’s a Jedi. You’re telling me that not only would Mando not know about Luke Skywalker, but he wouldn’t even know what a Jedi was? Back at the end of season one when he learns from the Armorer about Baby Yoda’s people, he calls the Jedi “witch people.”

Luke must have established his post-empire operation somewhere. In The Last Jedi we learn he had a Jedi school set up, training young padawans. I’d imagine in his early years after defeating the Sith, he at least went out recruiting which would be noticed. Wouldn’t this be the avenue for Mando to explore?

Obviously the logistics of the larger Star Wars universe prevents something like this, to an extent. You can’t have Luke make an appearance in The Mandalorian because you’d have to use de-aging technology or recast the role. As a Disney+ show, it doesn’t have that kind of traction to do something to that scale, even though Baby Yoda’s reveal in the first season was pretty Earth shattering.

But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore Luke’s existence all together. There’s a happy medium The Mandalorian could have found. There’s countless references to the fallen empire, cameos from new republic soldiers or pilots, planets & characters from the original Star Wars trilogy, and yet a complete obliviousness to Luke Skywalker and the Jedi. Hopefully the road they’re taking us on will make more sense as the season progresses.

Ice, Ice Baby (Yoda)

As I mentioned before, I’m starting to get a little worried about Baby Yoda’s eating habits. This episode alone, we saw Baby Yoda eat frog & ice-spider eggs. But that doesn’t include everything he ate in season one, frog-like creatures in particular. He seems to have a thing for eating frogs in general.

With all of the allergies parents and children have to be concerned of nowadays, shouldn’t we be paying attention to what Baby Yoda is consuming? God forbid he’s allergic to anything. There is no more nursing droid to fix things (R.I.P. IG-11). Do they have Benadryl in a galaxy far, far away?

“It’s over Anakin! I have the high ground!” Award

As described last week, this award goes to the character(s) that exemplify a special kind of arrogance. The kind where they think they hold all of the cards in a situation, but they don’t quite have the high ground, just like Anakin in Revenge of the Sith.

So this week’s award goes to the crew at the beginning of our episode that thought they could rob Mando and get away with it. In the opening sequence, they have everything set up as Mando and Baby Yoda approach in their speeder. The trap is a rope that happens to clothesline the bounty hunter as he passes. Unfortunately for this crew, they chose the wrong victim.

Mando makes quick work of the wannabe thieves but one makes a last ditch effort to get away with his life and maybe a little extra.


Holding Baby Yoda hostage is never a great idea. He really thought he had the high ground and in exchange for Baby Yoda’s safety, Mando offers him his jetpack. After the trade, the thief runs away with jetpack in hand until Mando forces the jetpack take off remotely, causing the thief to drop a few stories to his demise.

Chewie Medal of Honor

We’re giving this to a less obvious choice this week, which is fitting given that the Chewie Medal of Honor is meant for an unsung hero. We’re proud to present this award to Peli Motto, the mechanic from Tatooine.

First, she knows how to hustle, especially when it comes to Mando. He’s already paying for ship repairs, but she convinced him to go in on her opponent’s bet in a game of cards in exchange for some information. This results in a winning hand for Peli and more money forked over by Mando.

That information is the whereabouts of someone who knows the possible whereabouts of a Mandalorian. (I can’t complain enough about how convoluted this search for other Mandalorians is). This is where the frog lady comes in. Peli points Mando in the right direction, gives an assist to a mother in need and still makes even more money because of her “finders fee.” All while doing the most to move the plot forward more than the entire episode manages to do, which was desperately needed this week in an extremely “bottle-y” episode.

Stay making that money Peli Motto.