Buy, Hold, or Sell: ‘Billions’ Season 5 Premiere

It only makes sense to do a stock market gimmick when it comes to Showtime’s hit series, Billions. Here’s what we are buying, holding and selling from the first episode of Season 5.
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If Billions were Wall Street and all of the characters in it were stocks you could buy, who would you be bullish on and who would you be bearish on? That’s what we’re setting out to do before the premiere episode of Season 5. I’ll let you know which characters I would buy, sell, or hold and which I’m watching for the future in what I’d imagine will be a volatile market all season long.

First, I should let you know what my portfolio currently looks like:

  • Taylor Mason- Easily our biggest position. We’ve been buying Taylor stock since they made their first appearance in Season 2, knowing they had huge growth potential. Taylor took a huge hit to their value in the finale of Season 4 when they had to return to Axe Capital, so we jumped on the discount and bought more knowing that it was only a temporary set back. We’re all in.
  • Wendy Rhoades- Wendy has had an up and down road throughout this series but always seems to bounce back. At first it seemed like her performance was too reliant on Bobby or Chuck, but as time has gone on she’s proven her independence and has showed that she’s been the backbone of the two lead characters this whole time. We’re in for more bumpy roads with her inevitable split from Chuck but we’re confident she’ll come through the other side even stronger.
  • Mike “Wags” Wagner- Definitely a speculative buy on my part but how can you not love the guy. For someone who’s almost always completely off the rails, Wags is actually one of the most consistent characters. He constantly delivers for Bobby, Axe Capital and, most importantly, for the viewers at home.
  • Kate Sacker- This is our dividend investment. Her performance is never going to dip below a certain level. There is a world where she could end with an incredible season but we’ll take the steadiness that Sacker brings to the table. She always seems to align herself with the right people and put herself in the best positions to come out on top, even if it’s just barely.


  • Taylor- We’re buying more Taylor after this episode. It seems like they might be down a round after being figured out by both Axel & Chuck with the triple cross Taylor tried to pull. My feeling is that they will have a solution to this like they normally do, especially after a down season last time out. I’ll keep betting on Taylor and buy them at a slightly cheaper than normal price.
  • Roger “Scooter” Dunbar- Much like Wags, Scooter is the right hand man to billionaire investor Michael Prince (more on him later) who both make their introduction in our season premiere. While I don’t normally invest in IPO’s, I’m making an exception with Scooter here. Not only did he make Wags look silly, but he helped Prince steal the “New Deca” cover of Vanity Fair from the rest of the billionaires who had hit the $10 billion mark that year. Not an easy feat to dupe a bunch of billionaires.
  • Bonnie Barella- Our weekly side-character buy is due to this line from Bonnie- “Oh did I not properly welcome you? Let me correct that rudeness right now.” *Makes long fart noise with her hand. Need I say more?


  • Wags- Seeing Wags’s counterpart outmaneuver him is concerning but that’s all a part of being a Wags investor. Wags my go down a mini-spiral as a result if this keeps up but you can count on a rally from him.
  • Wendy- Brought the company together by bringing in professional wrestler Becky Lynch and put out a public statement announcing her divorce without Chuck’s knowledge. All solid moves in the right direction but I’m worried something is going to backfire or we might see a spiral from her. I want to see how things play out a little more before I make a move.


  • Bobby Axelrod- I just have a bad feeling about Bobby this season. If you have stock in him, I’d get out while you can. Axe has a tendency to persevere. Even when you should feel like he’s lost, it still seems like he’s won. Maybe it’s his swagger or competitiveness or the fact that when you have billions of dollars you can mostly fix all of your problems. For example, his wife and family left him and yet he seems completely adjusted to it and might even be thriving as a result. The concern is the emptiness inside him that continues to creep up. Just when he thinks he’s achieved a huge milestone, it feels unfulfilling. We also see another new foe for Bobby introduced with Michael Prince. This might be the season where we finally see the giant fall.
  • Ari Spyros- Shame on you if you own any Spyros. Just take your loss like Spyros does every time he appears on screen. (Spyros own of the week: Wendy is holding a meeting and Spyros tries to support her with some over-the-top nonsense. Wendy just says, “Spyros…”, gives a hand gesture for him to shut his mouth and continues about her business).


  • Chuck Rhoades- You’ll notice a theme when it comes to my buying strategy- I like discounts. It’s arguable that none of the main characters in this show have been hit harder than Chuck has. Starting from a position of power, almost everything has been taken away from him. Now that it looks like his divorce with Wendy is going to be official and Axe knows he planted Taylor as an informant, it’s not looking great for Chuck. Luckily for Chuck, he is smart enough to deduce that Taylor has betrayed him. He still sees the whole chess board and has formulated a plan to get back on top.
  • Michael Prince- Prince, seemingly our new adversary for Axelrod, pulls a complete power-move on multiple ten-billionaires when he steals the cover of Vanity Fair for himself that they were all supposed to share. Prince is coming out of the gates hot, so his price has to have sky-rocketed after such a ballsy move, making him potentially over-priced. I’m also a little concerned with Prince’s sketchiness when it comes to his underlying motives. Prince talks a big game about not wanting the spotlight and then steals it for himself. This hypocrisy makes Prince tough to buy into without knowing what he ultimately wants out of this. I’ll wait a couple episodes before making a decision on pulling the trigger.

*Disclaimer: Big Flick Energy currently owns shares in Taylor Mason, Wendy Rhoades, Mike “Wags” Wagner and Kate Sacker. At Big Flick Energy, we believe in full transparency. This article is meant for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is in no way, shape or form a solicitation for any of the ‘Billions’ characters mentioned in this article.

**Disclaimer to the disclaimer: Our previous disclaimer was very clearly a part of our hilarious and clever satire of stock market articles and isn’t a real disclaimer because this is not a real article giving out real stock market advice. Duh.